Risk Management

Risk management is a discipline for dealing with the possibility that some future event will cause harm. It provides strategies, techniques, and an approach to recognizing and confronting any threat faced by an organization in fulfilling its mission. Risk management may be as uncomplicated as asking and answering three basic questions:

  • What can go wrong?
  • What will we do to prevent incidents and to respond in the event of an incident?
  • If something happens, how will we pay for it?

Simply speaking, risk is any uncertainty about a future event that threatens your organization's ability to accomplish its mission. Although your "fund balance" may be small and equipment may be second generation, it is important to manage the amount of risk taking in order to prevent future expenses and damages.

Hull & Associates can help you to prepare for a full range of contingencies. Our associates have the knowledge and experience to provide you with the strategies and tactics to bring greater stability and predictability to your business.