At the moment you need us most, you can count on Hull & Associates. In the unfortunate event a claim occurs Hull & Associates will be there to make sure your claim is handled quickly and fairly. We understand that when an accident or event happens, it is our opportunity to deliver on the promise insurance makes to an insured client. We will assist you and work with your insurance company to make certain the claim is handled properly.

Reporting A Claim

All claims can be reported to our office at the email address provided at left or by phone. We encourage you to report your claim quickly to ensure we can respond to your needs in a timely manner. You may also report claims directly to the carrier. Whether you report directly to our office or to the carrier, we will be involved and representing your interests. 

First Actions After A Claim

The first priority, when any kind of incident ocurrs, is to make sure you and those around you are safe and no longer in danger. If you have had an auto acccident and the situation is safe and you are able, it is important to collect some basic critical information at the scene of the accident. This information will help in the claim reporting process. An auto accident information form that makes collecting information easier is provided below. We encourage you to print the form and keep it with your important information inside each vehcile. 

Auto Accident Information Form

If you have had an incident involving your building, physical plant or your home, any steps you can safely take to mitigate additiional loss is encouraged. Your personal safety is most important, so don't take uneccessary risks. In all cases, it is important to report your claim quickly so Hull & Associates and its insurance carrier partners can respond with the resources needed to assist your company or your family. 

We invite you to sign-up for one of our social media platforms including Twitter, Linked-In and Facebook. In the event of large scale claim events such as severe storms, tornadoes, hurricanes and flooding, we will broadcast information about our response to events via these social networks if normal communication channels are disrupted.