About Us

Hull and Associates was established in 1999 on the premise of supplying premier insurance products backed by superior service. After working for nine years in another independent agency, Hull and Associates was formed in a small town in West Alabama. The agency then moved to Tuscaloosa where it continued to prosper and is located today. While the agency serves many clients in the Tuscaloosa area, our market reach extends across the Southeast and Midwest.

Through the years Hull and Associates has developed deep experience and expertise in the business of insurance and risk management. Cumulatively, our staff has over 120 years of experience in the insurance industry. In the complex matters of insurance and risk management, there is simply no substitute for experience.  In fact, our experience and expertise has enabled us to provide many clients with forward-thinking solutions to mitigate their exposure to loss and improve their results. Since its founding in 1999, Hull & Associates has been fortunate to develop a strong and diverse client base in both the commercial and personal insurance market segments. We truly appreciate clients for entrusting us with their insurance matters and encourage prospective clients to contact Hull & Associates to learn more about our capabilities.